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BIZ Banking provides a diverse selection of loan, account, insurance, and investment products. Unlike the typical industry practice of selling all goods regardless of product quality, BIZ Banking offers the Finest Financial Products in partnership with our influential Partners. Keeping your best interest in mind we aim to provide you with a financial technology-based platform functioning as a one-stop full service offering so as to reduce your dependence on engaging multiple service providers.

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By giving the right consultation for their Banking Services. BIZ Banking is leading service provider firm in the region.


When it comes to buying apartments or villas in the UAE, prospective homeowners often look for ‘home loans in UAE...
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Personal Loans

A personal loan is an unsecured loan, meaning it does not require collateral or a guarantor
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Business Loans

To sustain, grow, or refinance their business, many business owners in the United Arab Emirates
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Merchant (POS) Loans

POS Merchant Loans are reliable for businesses with a substantial amount of credit card-based transactions by using the (POS) Point of Service.
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Trade Facilities

Businesses that trade internationally find it useful to avail of corporate finance services in Dubai to help mitigate the key risks involved
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Business Accounts

When establishing your business in the UAE, having a business bank account is helpful. The UAE offers a great business environment
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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Board of Resolution Banking?

When a firm wishes to open a bank account, it must first pass a board resolution, which is known as a board resolution for bank account opening

What do you mean by True Copy of any Document?

To ensure that copies submitted are accurate, exact, complete, and unaltered, true copies (or certified copies) of original documents are frequently required.

Why banks ask for bank statement for processing of loan?

When you go to a bank to apply for a loan, one of the necessary documents to send with the bank for loan processing is a bank statement from the previous six months.  Bank statements are an excellent method for keeping track of one's finances. They will assist account holders in keeping track of their accounts, identifying mistakes, and identifying spending patterns

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